In a quest for quality and delivering absolutely fair public services, the Commission is going to take most of the examinations, particularly those pertaining to technical posts, on computer. Computer-based examination will comprise objective type questions. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), true/false statements and two lists, each containing part of sentences and phrases to be matched, will feature the computer-adaptive examination. Later on, questions requiring blank spaces to be filled will also be included in the test, which means that a candidate appearing in such examinations/test will have to know typing skills with a certain degree of accuracy in spellings. 

All the candidates appearing in such future examinations must be computer literate.  Computer literacy is knowledge and an understanding of computers combined with the ability to use them effectively. On the least specialized level, computer literate should know how to turn on a computer, start and stop simple application programs, and save and print information.  

Presently, the candidates taking computer-based examination/test should know the use of computer mouse and numeric keypad (set of keys on the extreme right of the computer keyboard). With the help of numeric keypad, every candidate will enter his National Identity Card (NIC) number in the textbox on the computer screen, which will allow him to take the test.  To be familiar with the interface of computer-based examination and practice, you may download sample test by clicking here Sample Test.


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