1.  What is the age limit for the PCS Examination?

A candidate should not be younger than 21 years and older than 30 years on the 1st January of the year of Examination.


2.  What is the age limit for other posts?

On the last date of receipt of Application Forms

a.       The minimum age limit is 21 years;  maximum age limit is 30 years, and

b.       35 years for Government Servants having two years continuous service.


3.  What is the fee for the PCS and other Examinations?

·         Fee for PCS & other Competitive Examinations is Rs.  500/-

Fee for all other Posts

·    Fee for BPS-19 & BPS-20 is Rs.1000/.

· Fee for BPS-18 is Rs500/.

· Fee for the Post of BPS-16 and below is Rs.200/.


4.  How & where is the fee to be deposited?

The candidates are required to obtain prescribed Treasury / Bank Challan Form and the amount should be deposited in any branch of National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan or Government Treasury Offices under the Head of account “C02101-ORGAN OF STATE EXAM:FEE RECEIPT BPSC”. The Challan receipt should be attached with the Application Form along with other testimonials before submission to the Commission Office.


5.  How are the posts advertised?

The requisitions of the various posts (grade 16 and above), along with their respective Service Rules (terms & conditions), are sent by the provincial departments to the Commission. After processing, the posts/vacancies are advertised in the leading news dailies.


6.  Is Examination/Test mandatory for all posts?

Yes, it is. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the competitive examinations are conducted for the following posts according to the prescribed syllabi:

i)                    Assistant Commissioners / Assistant Executive Officers (B-17),

ii)                   Section Officers.(B-17),

iii)                 Assistant Director Public Relations(B-17),

iv)                 Senior Information Officer(B-17),

v)                   Information Officers(B-16),

vi)                 Divisional Forest Officers(B-17), and

vii)                Forest Rangers(B-16).


For all other posts, the written evaluation test (mostly in the relevant subject) is mandatory.


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