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1.  What is the eligibility criteria for applying the posts announced by BPSC?


Answer : The basic conditions for applying against any post announced by this Commission is based on the possessing of the local/domicile certificate from the Balochistan Province, as well as the candidate must further meet the eligibility criteria i.e Education, Age, Experience etc, as per the Service Rules duly notified by S&GAD against the advertised post, subsequently which is reflected in BPSC advertisement.  In case any serious deficiency is observed in the eligibility of a candidate at any stage, the Commission may cancel his/her candidature and/ or withdraw nomination of the ineligible candidate, as the case may be.


2. How to submit application against a post advertised by BPSC?


Answer : There are three modes through which the candidates can submit their applications against the advertised posts, such as:


a). Online Application Submission at BPSC official website.


b). Sending Application Form through Post/Dak.


c). Submitting Application Form at BPSC Reception.


i) The application form must be submitted to the Secretary, Balochistan Public Service Commission on or before the closing date given in the advertisement. Application received in office of the Commission after last date fixed for the receipt of applications or sent by posts will not be entertained.


ii) Those candidates who are already in service, (Government or Semi Government, or other Organizations) should route their applications through their departments with the departmental permission attached with the application form.


iii) Ex-Defense personnel should route their applications through the Ministry of Defense.


3. Does it allow to fill a single application form against too many posts?


Answer: It is essential to be filled a separate application form against each individual post. Moreover, application form processing fee may also be deposited in the bank in the same way.


4. How to apply online?


Answer: In order to apply online, the candidate has to load https://www.bpsc.gob.pk (the URL of the BPSC) in the web browser of your PC/Laptop or Mobile Phone and then follow these steps:


i) Click at "Apply Online".


ii) Click at "Guidelines for Online Application Submission" link.


iii) Register your Profile by following the instructions in the Guidelines.


iv) Apply Online against the post for which you wanted to.


5. How much and where to be deposited the application form processing fee?


Answer: Fee for all the posts should be deposited under the Head “C02101-ORGAN OF STATE EXAM FEE BALOCHISTAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION “on treasury challan of (Green Colour Only) while the same is to be deposited in the branches of banks in the Balochistan Province i.e State Bank of Pakistan & National Bank of Pakistan.


The structure of the fee may be perused below:-


i) For B-15 and Below Posts. Rs. 400/-


ii) For B-16 and B-17 Posts. Rs. 600/-


iii) For B-18 Posts. Rs. 1000/-


iv) For B-19 and B-20 Posts. Rs. 2000/-


v) Competitive Examination. Rs. 1000/-


vi) Departmental Examination AC/ Tehsildar. Rs. 1000/-


vii) Departmental Exam: Treasury Accountant. Rs. 1000/-


viii) Detail Marks Certificate. Rs. 200/-


6. How to obtain a DMC?


Answer: In order to obtain a DMC, the candidate must have to:


i)  Deposit its processing fee of Rs.200/- in the bank in the Balochistan Province such as National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) Or State Bank of Pakistan.


ii) Submit an application along-with CNIC.


7. How does a candidate is relaxed in upper age?


Answer: The age of the candidate is generally relaxed as per the notification issued by the Government of Balochistan.


8. What testimonial to be supplied with application form?



(a) Five passport size latest photographs (Female candidates also)


(b) Computerized National ID card


(c) Original Treasury Receipt (Green Colour) and its photocopy


(d) Matriculation to final academic qualification (Certificate and Degrees) along with details marks sheets


(e) Local/ Domicile certificate


(f) Experience/Service certificate(s)


(g) Departmental Permission certificate


(h) Three Character Certificates(One from Head of last attended Educational Institution and two from different Gazetted Officer for Fresh Candidate)


(i) Photocopy of filled one page application form


9. How the age of a candidate is calculated/determined?


Answer: Age is calculated from date of birth as given in Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) with respect to closing date of advertisement. In case the candidate has appeared in any other examination equivalent to Secondary School Certificate such as Senior Cambridge/O-level and the certificate of such examination does not bear date of birth of the candidate, he/she shall be required to produce;


i) School Leaving Certificate bearing his/her date of birth; or


ii) Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)


10. Who is eligible for age relaxation?


Answer: The relaxation in upper age limit is upto 43 years generally granted by the Government of Balochistan in the favourof every fresh candidate as well as serving government servants w.e.f 24th June, 2022 till 23rd June, 2023.


In some cases, as per the contradiction in the Service Rules of various departments the upper age limit does not apply.


11. Can a candidate slightly underage or overage apply against the posts advertised by BPSC?


Answer: A candidate, underage or overage by even one day, is not eligible for a post advertised by BPSC.


12. How the eligibility of candidate is determined about his/her qualification?


Answer: Eligibility of a candidate is determined against the prescribed qualification of a post(s) given in the advertisement. However, higher and additional qualification will not be considered if a candidate does not possess advertised essential qualification.


13. If a person has too many regular degrees in the same session are acceptable by the BPSC?


Answer: Two degrees attained in the same academic years would not be considered. Only one degree will be considered for the applied post.


14. Is a candidate allowed to apply against any post advertised by BPSC while the result of academic qualification is awaited?


Answer: Application of a candidate whose result has not been officially declared/announced by the Board/University on or before the closing date, is not considered.


15. What if a candidate has a degree showing only CGPA?


Answer: Such candidate may provide "Total and Obtained Marks / Percentage Certificate" issued from the Controller of Examination of their respective University.


16. Does BPSC accept equivalence certificate issued by the HEC?


Answer: Yes, the equivalence of local academic qualifications as laid down by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan Medical (PMC)/ Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC), Pakistan Engineering council (PEC) or other government designated competent Equivalence Committee/Authority like Qualification Equivalence Determination Committee (QEDC) are considered authentic.


17. Does the internship is accepted as the part of experience?


Answer: No. Internship, training or part time experience is not counted as required experience for a specific post, unless so mentioned in the advertisement/service rules.


18. How the eligibility of candidate is determined as per the experience?


Answer: Eligibility of a candidate as far as experience is concerned, is in accordance with the criteria advertised for the post(s). Experience will only be considered if supported by


a) notification/order issued by Head of Institution/Organization/Department or Appointing Authority concerned.


b) Experience certificate alongwith appointment letter(s) in respect of Contract, Current Charge, Acting Charge and appointment on Adhoc basis which are issued by the Appointing Authority/ Head of Institution/ Organization/Department under the rules, shall be accepted.


19. Is it necessary that the Local/Domicile is to be verified by the office of the concerned deputy commissioner?


Answer: The candidates must submit verified copy of Domicile/ Local after qualifying written/ MCQs test.


20. How the BPSC consider the candidates as disabled ones?


Answer: A candidate will be considered eligible for a post reserved for Disabled Persons if he/she has been registered as a Disabled Person with the Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Social Welfare Department and has been declared fit for work of the job applied for. Such candidates are required to produce a disability certificate to this effect.


21. Who is the issuing authority of disability certificate?


Answer: A Provincial Council for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons of Social Welfare Department.


22. How the disability quota is determined?


Answer: The number of seats for Minority quota is determined by the Department concerned. BPSC follows the Performa of Zonal Allocation in Pursuance of Government of Balochistan Recruitment Policy.


23. Is there any reserve quota for women?


Answer: In Pursuance of Government of Balochistan Recruitment Policy the quota for women is also determined.


24. PCS stands for?


Answer: PCS stands for Provincial Civil Service.


25. When does the BPSC announce PSC exam?


Answer: It is announced by this Commission when the requisition against the post of Assistant Commissioner B-17 / Section Officer B-17 is sent to this Commission.


26. What is the edibility criteria for PCS?


Answer: The citizen who possesses the local/domicile of the Balochistan Province and fulfills the criteria of Qualification and Age as per the Service Rules as well as Zonal Allocation mentioned in concerned advertisement.


27. How many subjects are to be prepared for PCS exam?


Answer: There are Seven (7) subjects need to be prepared for PCS Exam i.e Three (3) Optional and Four (4) Compulsory including general paper in Language.


28. How many chances are there for appearing in PCS exam?


Answer: There are only three (3) chances for appearing in PCS Exams.


29. What is the fee of application form processing against Assistant Commissioner or Section Officer?


Answer: It is One Thousand (PKR. 1000/=) to be paid against each individual Post i.e (Assistant Commissioner B-17 /Section Officer B-17).


30. How & where the fee to be deposited?


Answer: The fee must be deposited through green bank challan (Form-32A) in one of the branches of National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan within the Balochistan Province in the Head of Account C02101.


31. Is it allowedto deposit the fee of both the posts i.e AC & SO on a single bank slip / challan?


Answer: Yes, it is allowed that, fee for both the requisite posts of PKR. 2000/= can be deposited on a single bank slip.


32. How to confirm the successful submission of application form?


Answer: On submission of application either by hand or using Online System, the candidate is issued an acknowledgement slip against each individual post. In case the candidate who sends his/her application through postal service and desires the acknowledgment, the application should be sent by registered post acknowledgment.  Moreover, all the requisite documents are to be accompanied with the application and to be sent by post, Courier Service within due date.


33. How the candidates are informed regarding test/exam?


Answer: The candidates are informed through official press release published in News Paper as well as uploaded at BPSC official website i.e bpsc.gob.pk. Moreover, Roll Number Slips are dispatched at the postal addresses of applicants and the SMS are also sent on the cell numbers provided by the candidates.


34. What documents are required to be produced in examination hall?


Answer: Usually, the candidates are to bring their CNIC in Original along-with the green bank challan (deposited in due date). Moreover, in case if there is a critical condition about qualification, registration, certification etc and the relevant document is required on exam day, the same should be brought on the clear directions of this office.


35. What is the procedure for obtaining permission from authority to participate in exam if the candidate unable to produce the CNIC in original?


Answer: In case a candidate fails to produce the CNIC in original, he/she has to submit an undertaking for displaying the CNIC to the quarter concern at least within the period of one week.